Business Financial Suite

We are able to help small business owners get qualified assistance to build business credit and get access to guaranteed funding up to 50K as member of the program offered by Hope Credit Consultants, “The Business Financial Suite.”

HOPE Credit Consultants educates small business owners on the importance of understanding the process of building excellent business credit and how to obtain financing for their businesses with an EIN number and without the usage of a social security number. The Business Financial Suite allows our clients to ensure their success with resources such as a Business Credit Advisor, Business Credit Coach and private Business Financial Suite Online Portal.

Why do you need the Business Financial Suite? The Business Financial Suite is the most comprehensive funding solution in the world today. Through your finance suite there are three major benefits you will receive for your business:

  • First it will reveal the lending secret formula and help insure your business is setup credibly to radically increase your chances of preapproval.
  • The program will pre-qualify you through a unique Financing Approval Engine that cross-checks your information with underwriting guidelines for thousands of lenders which gives you the best chance of being approved for cash funding.
  • Thirdly, it will help you to build a business credit score and profile for your business so you can be approved for even more credit in your business name which requires no personal credit check or guarantee.