Web Development/Brand Advancement

Let us develop and design your business image on the Internet.  We pride ourselves on affordable work, that is done with efficiency and expediency.  We can develop HTML files for hosting on your server, or we can develop your site in any of the design/hosting systems available on the web. Our team has researched the business psychology of web presence for businesses, and are capable of presenting your unique vision in a manner that will attract and secure return business for you.  We can also assist with utilizing any number of proven methods to drive traffic to your business both online and offline with web and print creatives to advance your brand.

Audio and Video Editing

 Functionalities can turn your raw video or audio footage into marketing pieces that you can use on your website, blog, podcast or social media.  Your custom marketing pieces can also be a significant part of your marketing packet for clients, produced either on CD or DVD.

Business Event Planning

Need to coordinate a promotional function, business meeting, or fundraiser?  Functionalities has staff with extensive experience with the budgeting, planning and execution of business events.  Whether large or small, we have a solution for your event needs.  Let us assist you and introduce you to vendors who can make your event planning seem almost effortless.

Systems Development/Integration

Working smarter, not harder is made easier with Functionalities.  We can assist with retrofitting your business with processes and systems designed to make the most of your time and resources.